Pylon Sign Design


Take your brand to new heights.

Take your brand to new heights. Our pylon signs or freestanding signs are designed and mounted on poles, giving greater visibility of your business from a distance.


Several businesses want to improve their visibility by standing taller than other signage options. Pylon signs a great solution for shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, stores along a major highway or road. Single business signs often feature a lightbox or message center consisting of stone, brick, and most popular metal. Pylon signs for shopping centers feature several light boxes that display each individual business to gain more traffic to that designated area.
Pylon signs are typically illuminated, to ensure visibility of your brand at night. Adding an electronic message center (LED sign) captures the attention of customers from a well traffic areas.


Like most each area has certain requirements for size of pylon sign restrictions. Leave the work to us who can customize your specific sign to the proper guidelines.

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